lauantai 29. marraskuuta 2014

TARDIS slippers!

Last summer I bough a pair of American Duchess Tissot slippers for my Rarity GGG gown, but as it turned out I measured my foot wrong and they ended up a tad too big for my small feet, but they were perfect for my friend.

SO, I dyed the shoes blue, added some back beads, and white ribbon. Now they are the TARDIS slippers.
 First coat of dye dried and turned out too pale, so another coat of paint was in order.
 The second coat looked so much better!
 First shoe finished!
 Detail of the beadwork.
 Had to tweak the bows a little to match, but here they are!

lauantai 4. lokakuuta 2014

Sliding off the MLP tracks with Ikea

Meaning that my visit to Ikea provided me with fabrics for two kimonos. The fabrics are Berta Ruta (big patterned) to make this kimono:

And Sofia (small striped), to make this kimono:

I have already made the Sofia kimono (but forgot to update. Boo on me).

I gotta say that the Gods of Pattern Alignment were with me as the center front seam blends flawlesly into the pattern, as do the seams between the body and sleeves. All in all, I'm very happy about how this came out.

keskiviikko 20. elokuuta 2014

Explaining the radio silence

We are moving to a new appartment, which means  that all sewing projects are on hiatus until we have settled in. (and I have located everything again).

Also, my right wrist is still painful and I have had to take painkillers, but I'm hoping to get it fixed soon, so I can continue with the Gala project.

Everything should kick back online next month.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

tiistai 8. heinäkuuta 2014

Progress images

I've been radio silent for a while, but that's because nothing much has happened. But now I'm on vacation for two weeks and trying to catch up with everything.

So, here's fitting the petticoat and bustle on Fluttershy:
Nothing much has happened with this cosplay. I still need to fit the corset properly, but I have a growing fear that I might have to make it again. I'm not happy with the quality of it and it does not fit properly around the bust. I'm still trying to save it, but I'm not sure if I can. Le sigh...... Oh, and feather's arrived for the train. These might cover 1/4th so I need to order more, but I'm happy about their quality so I know where to find more.

Today the lovely Elena came to fit her Rainbow Dash dress and she's utterly gorgeus in it. The fit of the chiton does not need alterations, but I need to make the himation a tad bit longer.

Rarity has progressed more in these past two days than the other two. I have managed to make the corset and the bustle and today I made her a petticoat.

Funnily enough, I didn't take pictures of the finished petticoat....

Until next time!

maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2014

Rainbow Dash's himation fabric open for sale!

I opened the rainbow patterned cotton voilé on Spoonflower for sale.
I did not alter the colors, because I need to order more of the same fabric for my project. I might do it later.
PLEASE NOTE that the orange and the red are REALLY close to each other, mearly a few shades appart so in bad light the colors blend and look like one shade of red.

lauantai 28. kesäkuuta 2014

Rainbow Dash's himation fabric arrived!

And of course I had to make a test try.

Mostly I'm happy with the fabric. Only things that bother me are a) the red is not very bright, but rather dull brick red and b) I ordered too little. So when my pay comes next month, I need to order a few more yards to actually get it trailing.

maanantai 23. kesäkuuta 2014

Oi, it's Twilight time

Just giving an update.

- Rainbow Dash's tiara has arrived.

- Still waiting for my fabric from Spoonflower.

- Rarity's purple dress fabric has been purchased.

- Corset pattern for Rarity arrived today from Mantua Maker on Etsy.

And the biggest update:


Another cosplayer wants dibs into our pony party, and picked Twilight, so it's time for the designing again. Oh joy!

lauantai 14. kesäkuuta 2014

Finally, Rarity's Grand Galloping Gala gown

I found this one rather hard to pinpoint the style I wanted. I wanted a bustle dress, but how big a bustle?

I found this cuirass dress in one of my fashion history books and the pleated back reminded the pleating on Rarity's dress, so that sealed it. I wanted a fishtailed dress with a little to medium bustle. Also the apron front works for Rarity.

I also like the shoulder revealing look of Empress Elizabeth of Austria's style.

Also the use of jewels and pearls fits and the hairstyle is something I can use for Rarity.
At first I drew the dress with sleeves, but lately I've been feeling wether or not to include them. Even thought they are in the dress Rarity wears in the show. But I will be the hostess, and I need to use my hands, so I need to figure out how to involve sleeves without losing the movement of my arms. Because that was fitted sleeves do, they restrict movement. But I will figure out something.

Here is the final plan. It's a little rought on the details, but it involves beadery and lace on the bodice and I thought about sitting cabochon settings on the skirt to get those big jewels. I'm also thinking of getting velvet for the details, so I get a nice textured look in the fishtail in the same way as in the blue on the first image. I have already gotten bright blue linen for the petticoat and the bustle and lovely purple for the dress. I first thought I thought about making the whole dress in velvet, but that proved to be a little too pricy. Silk was also too pricy. But I found a lovely cotton polyester that has a sating weave that makes it shine. There will be velvet in there, but in smaller quantities.

sunnuntai 1. kesäkuuta 2014

Rainbow Dash's headband

Yesterday I was doing some searching and came across this:
Image from seperwar.

It's pretty close to what I wanted with Rainbow Dash's headpiece to be, except that it's silver. Bronze or copper would have been my choices, but you get what you find. I'm still waiting for it to ship, so I'll make another post of it once it comes.

And yes, I know that in the show Dash wears a laurel, but I just couldn't find a laurel that would please my eyes, so I'm taking an artistic liberty on this. And I did draw the costume plan with her wearing a stephane instead of a laurel. But it has leaves in it? So maybe it could be just said I'm bending the rule a little bit? Yes?

And every girl wants to be a princess in a tiara.

lauantai 31. toukokuuta 2014

Fluttershy's petticoat and petit bustle

I got around drafting and making Fluttershy's petticoat to a point where I need to try it on the cosplayer and make necessary arrangements for it to fit nicely. Since I have no plans to giving this cosplay away, I also need to make sure that it also fits me.

I used a pattern I found in Period Costume for Stage and Screen: 1800-1909 by Jean Hunnisett. I got a few copies out of it because my copy is from the library, so I cannot make markings on it. I had to insert more room for the waist as the pattern was designed for someone very tall and built like a stick.

I used the same book for the petit bustle. I'm doing everything in the wrong order, because I haven't made her corset yet, but I plan on drafting that this evening and trying to piece it together tomorrow. Then I can finish the petticoat.

Petticoat without bustle on the left and petticoat with bustle on the right. The bustle is small and  about and inch thick, but it gives the petticoat such a nice lift. If you look carefully, you can see how much fabric I had to insert into the side seam to make it fit. Material for the petticoat is cotton.

torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014


So, I've been spending on fabrics lately. I found a nice bright yellow cotton for Fluttershy's petticoat and I discarded the original idea of tulle, when I found gorgeus white chiffon on sale.

I also used spoonflower to make the himation fabric for Rainbow Dash. Once it arrives and I review the quality, I'll open it up for sale, so everyone who wants to copy it can get it.

But now, onto the canary yellow petticoat! Whee!

Also, I'll be making the final draws on Rarity today so expect those to upload during the next few days.

maanantai 26. toukokuuta 2014

Finished plan: Fluttershy

So I finally drew the Fluttershy plans. It's not strictly one period as I couldn't find a style we were comfortable with, so it's made from two time periods.

I feel that I made the yellow in the plan a little too prominent. The underskirt I planned as two layers of tulle to get that soft look on it.  The overskirt will be covered in peacock feathers. I'm regretting this plan already, but it will look magnificent for our birthday girl. The bodice will be lightly boned. I just need to make a petticoat, corset and an undershirt to go under the corset. And of course the wings, as Fluttershy is a pegasus pony.

Here's the inspiration I used for the design. The skirt is from early 1900's and the bodice is around 1909-10. Both are from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion. Time for material hunting again! Allons-y!

Shoes for Fluttershy are the Astoria's from American Duchess. I'm waiting for them to arrive (and hope to God I got the right size).
Astoria shoe from American Duchess.

sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Chiton progress for Rainbow Dash

I found 3m of thin linen at a ridiculously low price from our local fabric store. The cosplayer has sensitive skin, so I hope the linen I found is soft enough not to irritate her skin. This is also why we decided against wool. There is soft wool in existence, but linen was a safer choice.

Anyhoo, I have gotten the chiton nearly finished. I ran out of thread and need to get some more.
Here's piccies.

The neckline is rather wide, but looks fabulous. I haven't gotten the proper girdle yet, so cotton cord is shown in the pictures. Also I think I need to think a proper way drape the sleeves to the shoulders for the sleeveless look.

Backview. The draping is in the sides. Also, I had to shorten the chiton a little after the picture was taken.

Another front view and detail of the collar. I kinda like the way it's draping over the bossom.

That's about it until I get more supplies.

I also did a few tests on the decorative border of the himation, but no pictures yet.

torstai 15. toukokuuta 2014

I'm not dead!

Just real busy with work, so I haven't managed to update anything... But I have been shopping! Materials and stuff, you know, the nitty gritty. Once they arrive, I'll make a post about it.

I'm still working on this I promise!

sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2014

Finished plans: Rainbow Dash

So, I got the Rainbow Dash plans ready. Probably because it's the easiest one design wise, but I'm sure I'm going to shoot myself in the hand while doing the decorative border for the himation. I will probably never learn to do this so that I don't put in amazing details that that forever to finish, am I?

Oh well, to the plans.

Here's the finished plan. I might have to fix the himation on better, but this is how it's going to look. I asked the cosplayers of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash and they wanted the wings so they were added.

Originally I had only thought about wool and linen for the material, but I'm not sure if the cosplayer can wear those materials. I did find a mention from Herbert Norris's book Ancient European Costume and Fashion, that silk and cotton were imported in small amounts after Alexander the Great's conquests and expeditions. There is also mention to samet being imported from which the nobles paid fabulous sums for it. So, if the cosplayer cannot wear wool or linen, I can use cotton or silk and still be period accurate. More or less. Like I could be period accurate of an ancient Grecian fashion in 2014.... How silly of me.

Anyway, back to the topic.
I did two designs for the decorative border. I have to say I like the #1 better than #2. Both I based from actual designs I found in period style books and flew from there. Rainbow Dash's color sceme is repeated on the border with the addition of black in the #1. Which probably makes me like it. And why is this going to drive me nuts? To cover the entire lenght if the himation, I need to make nearly 6 metres of it. I might need to teach one of my little elves embroidery.

Well, as you can see the pattern for the ionic chiton in very simple. Just a rectangle piece of clothing. Nothing much, simple as heck.

On the himation I took a small liberty. Normally himation is a rectangle piece of clothing, but since in the design the himation is shorter on the other end and sort of trails on the floor, I had to make the lower and sloped. I still feel that I might have to make the short end even shorter. Maybe 110cm will suffice, I don't know, I need to adjust it at some point.

That's it for tonight. Nighty night children! Allons-y!

lauantai 3. toukokuuta 2014

Planning progress

I haven't scanned anything, but I've gotten the design for Rarity together. Cosplayers of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have confirmed and accepted the plans, now it's just defining the details and colors, plus hairstyle for Dash and Rarity. Fluttershy is more or less finished and waiting for fabrics.

I'll try and update today or tomorrow. I've been horribly lazy lately and the allergy season is terrible. There's still not that much pollen in the air, but it's just starting here. I might need to double my medication in some point.

I also made some preliminary drafts of Applejack and Twilight Sparkle. As with Pinkie Pie, they are not on the list of dresses that need to be made for the Gala, but I might someday make all ponies and wanted some preliminary plans to start with. Probably another forever project, but it's still a nice though.

sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

The one that was discarded (for now atleast): Pinkie Pie Grand Galloping Gala gown

At first Pinkie Pie was among the cosplays instead of Fluttershy, but changes happened when we couldn't find an agreement in the design of her costume. This is the doodle the cosplayer made for me:
At first I thought the crinoline era of Victorian Period would be the one for Pinkie Pie. I mean, look at that floof on that dress and the bell shape. So I did some image search.

Yup, there's the bell shape alright and the layering is quite there, but I just didn't get the Pinkie Pie feel. I mean Pinkie's parties are wild, colorful, full of cakes and generally just, par-teys. Somehow the image I got from Victorian era just didn't seem to fit. Frustrated, I flipped through my book when I saw the light in form of a Queen.
Marie Antoinette! 18th century France! The parties of the Versailles! "Let them have cake!" (yes, I know Marie Antoinette never actually said it). I mean even that huge poof of hair is just perfect for Pinkie Pie. So I dug myself into the section of robe á la francaise, and lo and behold Marie Antoinette had another answer for me:
I literally screetched out of delight when I turned the page to find this. I mean, this is exatly how I see Pinkies gown, it nearly even has the correct coloration. Too bad the cosplayer was not delighted about the fact that she'd stuff herself into a robe á la francaise, so when I proposed the Edwardian gown and Fluttershy, it was more to her taste than the pink floofy froufrou. Well, these things happen. I'd love to make this gown one day when I have time.