sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

The one that was discarded (for now atleast): Pinkie Pie Grand Galloping Gala gown

At first Pinkie Pie was among the cosplays instead of Fluttershy, but changes happened when we couldn't find an agreement in the design of her costume. This is the doodle the cosplayer made for me:
At first I thought the crinoline era of Victorian Period would be the one for Pinkie Pie. I mean, look at that floof on that dress and the bell shape. So I did some image search.

Yup, there's the bell shape alright and the layering is quite there, but I just didn't get the Pinkie Pie feel. I mean Pinkie's parties are wild, colorful, full of cakes and generally just, par-teys. Somehow the image I got from Victorian era just didn't seem to fit. Frustrated, I flipped through my book when I saw the light in form of a Queen.
Marie Antoinette! 18th century France! The parties of the Versailles! "Let them have cake!" (yes, I know Marie Antoinette never actually said it). I mean even that huge poof of hair is just perfect for Pinkie Pie. So I dug myself into the section of robe á la francaise, and lo and behold Marie Antoinette had another answer for me:
I literally screetched out of delight when I turned the page to find this. I mean, this is exatly how I see Pinkies gown, it nearly even has the correct coloration. Too bad the cosplayer was not delighted about the fact that she'd stuff herself into a robe á la francaise, so when I proposed the Edwardian gown and Fluttershy, it was more to her taste than the pink floofy froufrou. Well, these things happen. I'd love to make this gown one day when I have time.

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