sunnuntai 14. heinäkuuta 2013

Animecon X day 2

Today we visited the photo booth at Animecon X to get good pictures taken from our costumes. We also got our friend to come with us. She was supposed to be the Fourth Assassin, but I didn't get to do her costume in time (a hellish costume of lots of fabric and pearls), so she wore the Sakura costume from last year.

And yes, it's the costume you can hear from a mile away.

The shoe shot.



relaxing shoe shot.

lunch break.

Image by Santtu Pajukanta

Image by Santtu Pajukanta

Image by Santtu Pajukanta

Image by Santtu Pajukanta

Image by Santtu Pajukanta.

lauantai 13. heinäkuuta 2013

Animecon X Day 1 (Saturday)

For some incredible miracle, I managed to get the costumes ready for Animecon.

 Ezio without his belts. This was a try out we had yesterday. We didn't take the sword with us to Animecon as the blade is metal and it's not allowed in conventions.

General croud.

General croud.

 Finished Lucrezia. I was still sewing that tool belt yesterday and I wasn't sure if I could have made it, but I did. I'm not happy with the hood. It's a little too big and wrong color as I run out of light grey material and had to use a darker shade to make the hood.

Assassin's Creed II Ezio with his throwing knives (wooden).

Heading to Animecon.

I literary walked off the sole of my SHOE! These are NEW! ARGH! Now I have to find new shoes for tomorrow! I've worn these shoes only three times! T.T

Other than that I had a lovely time!

sunnuntai 7. heinäkuuta 2013

Quick note

All three assassin shirts are now finished and patterns for the top clothings have been drafted, shaped and cut. That's one Ezio and one Ezio in Brotherhood + finishings of the Lucrezia coming up next.

lauantai 6. heinäkuuta 2013

What's been going on with the assassins?

It's been a slow ride with those costumes, believe me, but things are happening.... I only have a week to finish.... Oh boy....

The undershirts have been nearly finished, I still need to attach the sleeves to the shirts and they're done.

Damn, those sleeves look long when they hang free like that, but when worn they look very full and beautiful.

And here are the (nearly) finished shirts for the boys. My fiancé tried his on today and Oh MY. Too bad my camera battery died before I could take a picture....

Will I finish on time? I hope to finish the boys costumes as they will hang me if I don't..... Bah, I'm so slow...