sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

The one that was discarded (for now atleast): Pinkie Pie Grand Galloping Gala gown

At first Pinkie Pie was among the cosplays instead of Fluttershy, but changes happened when we couldn't find an agreement in the design of her costume. This is the doodle the cosplayer made for me:
At first I thought the crinoline era of Victorian Period would be the one for Pinkie Pie. I mean, look at that floof on that dress and the bell shape. So I did some image search.

Yup, there's the bell shape alright and the layering is quite there, but I just didn't get the Pinkie Pie feel. I mean Pinkie's parties are wild, colorful, full of cakes and generally just, par-teys. Somehow the image I got from Victorian era just didn't seem to fit. Frustrated, I flipped through my book when I saw the light in form of a Queen.
Marie Antoinette! 18th century France! The parties of the Versailles! "Let them have cake!" (yes, I know Marie Antoinette never actually said it). I mean even that huge poof of hair is just perfect for Pinkie Pie. So I dug myself into the section of robe á la francaise, and lo and behold Marie Antoinette had another answer for me:
I literally screetched out of delight when I turned the page to find this. I mean, this is exatly how I see Pinkies gown, it nearly even has the correct coloration. Too bad the cosplayer was not delighted about the fact that she'd stuff herself into a robe á la francaise, so when I proposed the Edwardian gown and Fluttershy, it was more to her taste than the pink floofy froufrou. Well, these things happen. I'd love to make this gown one day when I have time.

Early plans; Rainbow Dash Grand Galloping Gala gown

I thought I'd get this done nice and easy. The period for Rainbow Dash is ancient Greece/Rome, so my first thought was to make it easy as hell. Just a plain white chiton undershirt and rainbow colored himation.

But this plan didn't meet the acceptance of the cosplayer. She wanted something more in the lines of an actual dress. So I did a test try for an victorian bustle dress, because the drapery looked like a pony's tail.
It was a good plan, I just was not happy with it nor was the cosplayer. It was not the correct timeline for Rainbow Dash and it just didn't feel right. So our friend doodled a dress that was more on the lines of what Dash's dress would be.
And since I wanted these gowns to have an actual existing garment to base on, I was happy to stumble onto this dress while doing research. It's along the general lines of the accepted doodle and more-or-less period accurate. So I made more doodles on this design.
I'm still waiting confirmation on wether she wants the long rainbow train or the short.

Early plans; Fluttershy's Grand Galloping Gala gown

Fluttershy caused my quite a lot of grief, because I had no idea to which time period I'd tie her costume. There was thought of Middle Age, Byzantine inspiration, but I wasn't sure and it didn't just feel right. Then I happened to come by this image:
And something just clicked to place. The soft floofy look, the embroidery, the lace, the floofy trail... This was it. This is how I saw Fluttershy's gown. So I pitched the idea to the cosplayer who, after gentle persuasion, was exited about the idea.

I collected together images as an inspirational map, while I got myself a book about Edwardian fashion.

We both adore Alphonse Mucha's art and I'm hoping that once we get the early design chosen and I can start the detailed design plans, I get to incorporate some of that adoration into this cosplay gown. If nothing else, the hair and the accessory jewelry could be from Mucha's art.

Here's the first drafts of the gown. I'm still waiting for the feedback from the cosplayer on which kind of design she wants for the dress. After that I can start adding details, get the shape fixed, sampling materials and just getting the general planning together.

sunnuntai 6. huhtikuuta 2014

Getting back to bussiness

Winter is slow and practicly nothing happens in terms of sewing for me. Even with my D-vitamin everyday, I'm still very tired during winter due to the lack of sunlight. But spring is here and summer sewings are about to begin.

What you will be seeing at some point are:
- Abaddon
I found a beautiful wool/rayon blend material to make this dress. Too bad that since the fabric is rather high quality, I'm not gonna pour fake blood on it. So if I want to make the bloody version, I need to find a cheaper fabric.

- Meg Masters
Season 5 Meg. I love this costume and how it suits Meg. I'm gonna go through hell of a time trying to find a suitable leather jacket (because I'm lazy and don't feel like sewing leather).

- My Little Pony Grand Galloping Gala humanized.
I promised a friend to arrange her a big birthday party. Not all the ponies will probably be present, but for now we have confirmation on Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Princess Celestia. There was talk about Pinkie Pie, and I have reference/early scetches of her costume, but then she was discarded. I might publish those aswell as soon as we start making the costumes.