sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

Early plans; Rainbow Dash Grand Galloping Gala gown

I thought I'd get this done nice and easy. The period for Rainbow Dash is ancient Greece/Rome, so my first thought was to make it easy as hell. Just a plain white chiton undershirt and rainbow colored himation.

But this plan didn't meet the acceptance of the cosplayer. She wanted something more in the lines of an actual dress. So I did a test try for an victorian bustle dress, because the drapery looked like a pony's tail.
It was a good plan, I just was not happy with it nor was the cosplayer. It was not the correct timeline for Rainbow Dash and it just didn't feel right. So our friend doodled a dress that was more on the lines of what Dash's dress would be.
And since I wanted these gowns to have an actual existing garment to base on, I was happy to stumble onto this dress while doing research. It's along the general lines of the accepted doodle and more-or-less period accurate. So I made more doodles on this design.
I'm still waiting confirmation on wether she wants the long rainbow train or the short.

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