maanantai 26. toukokuuta 2014

Finished plan: Fluttershy

So I finally drew the Fluttershy plans. It's not strictly one period as I couldn't find a style we were comfortable with, so it's made from two time periods.

I feel that I made the yellow in the plan a little too prominent. The underskirt I planned as two layers of tulle to get that soft look on it.  The overskirt will be covered in peacock feathers. I'm regretting this plan already, but it will look magnificent for our birthday girl. The bodice will be lightly boned. I just need to make a petticoat, corset and an undershirt to go under the corset. And of course the wings, as Fluttershy is a pegasus pony.

Here's the inspiration I used for the design. The skirt is from early 1900's and the bodice is around 1909-10. Both are from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion. Time for material hunting again! Allons-y!

Shoes for Fluttershy are the Astoria's from American Duchess. I'm waiting for them to arrive (and hope to God I got the right size).
Astoria shoe from American Duchess.

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