sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Chiton progress for Rainbow Dash

I found 3m of thin linen at a ridiculously low price from our local fabric store. The cosplayer has sensitive skin, so I hope the linen I found is soft enough not to irritate her skin. This is also why we decided against wool. There is soft wool in existence, but linen was a safer choice.

Anyhoo, I have gotten the chiton nearly finished. I ran out of thread and need to get some more.
Here's piccies.

The neckline is rather wide, but looks fabulous. I haven't gotten the proper girdle yet, so cotton cord is shown in the pictures. Also I think I need to think a proper way drape the sleeves to the shoulders for the sleeveless look.

Backview. The draping is in the sides. Also, I had to shorten the chiton a little after the picture was taken.

Another front view and detail of the collar. I kinda like the way it's draping over the bossom.

That's about it until I get more supplies.

I also did a few tests on the decorative border of the himation, but no pictures yet.

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