maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2013

There are things you should not do....

..... while you are sewing.

Today I discovered another thing I should not do while attempting to sew: Watch the Hollow Crown. So much for that sewing I promise you! I didn't get anything done, except staring the tv with my current project in my hands barely remembering it. I mostly blame this on Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston, why must you two be so damn good?! Those two have voices that are liquid honey and you just have to stare at the screen. Whoever did the casting, YOU DID YOUR JOB MORE THAN WELL!

I never thought I'd be so tranced by watching Shakespeare. I like his plays, but to my shame I have never seen them on stage or screen. Now I have and I'm in love.

But I have to watch something else while sewing othervice I will never get these projects done!

Back to sewing. Lucrezia and the others awaits!

PS. If you haven't seen the Hollow Crown: Do it.

PPS. I finally got the material for the shirts. Things start to happen now.

Ok, random post over. Sorry about this.

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