torstai 28. maaliskuuta 2013

Loki's obi is Finished!

Sorry about the messy dressing up, especially on the obiage. I don't have the correct colored obiage or obijime. And because somewhere along the process I lost 1cm of the widht of the obi for seam allowances (how the hell? I counted them so carefully?!), I'll be needing a mofuku obiita or the pink one I have might flash after being dressed and moving around.

While dressing Dolly into the kimono I realized just how hard the cross trying is to get in place. I mean mostly it's supported by the obijime and without it it probably would start to fall appart, so I need to be very carefull about tying and pull everything just a tad bit tighter than normal.

This time I also tied the obi lower on the body to give it that masculine feel. But I think I could tie it even lower on myself.

Messy, messy tying... Sorry about that.. I was in bit of a hurry.

The kimono looks a lot lighter in the images than it does in reality. It's a really vivid emerald green.

There are things in there that I could have done better, but hey! I now have a full (faux) leather tsuke obi! Just how epic/cool is that?

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