tiistai 26. maaliskuuta 2013

Finally, Loki kitsuke progress!

Yeehaw! Yesterday the leather arrived but it was too late in the evening when I got home that I decided not to sew. So I sewed today before going to work.
I'm making a tsuke obi as it uses less fabric. So today I cut all the pieces in 7cm wide strips.
So that's about 42cm (6x7cm) x 2m for the waisband. I felt strip madness coming around at one point. And I loved it!

Then I sewed the strips together one at a time. I kept changing the thread as it was easier to first attach them from the wrong side and then do another seam on the top. An as Loki's colors are black and emerald green (and gold/bronze), I used green thread for the showing seams just for the fun on it.

 On the waistband the folds go on the same direction, but as in the taiko it's showing I made it go different directions from the centre. And why? Because Loki is a character that can go both ways, in the myths he's always walking on that thin edge and doing gigs for the gods and then being against them and switching back and forth. So I wanted this obi to be kinda like undecided on which way it should go.

 Better picture of the folds. The fabric is not as shiny as it seems here.

 Trying the waistband on with the cross styled tying. What I realized while tying this is that I have to tie the obi really low to make this work. I mean, how it look on the back is very wide to make the crossing look good.

Just showing more with the kimono. I might have to clean this one. I don't know where I have gotten a stain on one of the sleeves, I seriously don't! Luckily it does not show easilly, but I might have to take this kimono to dry cleaning... I'm not too fond of the idea of a silk kimono being washed by me and this kimono has some age on it's shoulders, so it might not like it.

Original plan

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