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Week1: Shamaness knitted shirt progress

I started this knitted shirt in December and I've been knitting in during evenings when I have had the time. The original model is from Novita Winter 2012 -knitting magazine. I fell in love with the hood of this shirt, took up my needles and started to knit. The shirt is part of the Lapland shamaness collection.

Original model from Novita magazine

The pattern originally says to knit the front and back parts separate, but I knitted them together by using the circular knitting needle. This is because using ordinary knitting needles for such a big project is a strain on the unaccustomed wrists, the circular knitting needle allowes you to knit 80% of the shirt body by using the plain stich alone.

The original was also grey baclground with highlights by Novita Takkatuli -yarn. While shopping the yarn I fell in love with the teal color they had on the background yarn and so my shirt became teal with highlights.

How my shirt looks right now.

I still have the hood to do, othervice the shirt is finished. I have the first of the two big examinations on monday, so I can't continue over the weekend, but I'm hoping to finish by the end of the week.

You can also see that I made a measuring mistake on the right sleeve and the middle stripe is higher than it is on the left sleeve. I'm also very stingy when it comes to the yarn and I didn't match the different stripes as they are on the model image as then I would have ended up with different lenghts of cut strips of yarn that I have no big use, which to me is waste. So I knitted in the order the colors rolled from the clew.

Background: Novita 7 veljestä teal (75% wool, 25% polyamide)
Stripes: Novita Puro Takkatuli (100% wool)
Needles: 4mm circular knitting needle in 60cm lenght, 4mm double pointed needles used to make the sleeves
2 safety pins to mark the side seams.

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