maanantai 28. tammikuuta 2013

Late Week 4: Completion of the Shamaness shirt

For some reason I could not update anything onto blogger during the weekend. So I have to update this now.^^

I finished knitting the Shamaness shirt. And I found a nice fabric for the Assassin's Creed undershirts, but with that came a problem: It was available only in light pink and dove grey, not white. I have to ask the staff do they know if there's similar fabric in the store or should I try bleaching (which I'm not even trying until necessary). Well, I won't be able to buy any fabric until the 4th of February so I'm still looking.

Here's the piccies of the finished Shamaness shirt:

Sorry if some of the images are a little blurry, the camera battery was dying out and it was very hard to focus it. The result is very warm and cosy shirt that I've been wearing at work. What I learned from my own body and knitting in this project was that next time I have to do the upper part (waist upwards) a size smaller than the hips. Why? I'm rather pear shaped, this shirt is good around the hips, but there's extra around the bust.

Onto next project!

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