lauantai 2. kesäkuuta 2012

Getting ready to be bell'd up!

Tomorrow I'm having a friend coming in to help me, so I made the "flaps" ready to be bell'd. I found a nice pink lace ribbon in our local handcrafts store and we are attaching the bells onto it.

Here's the pictures!
Kiki was found napping in the fabric bag.

Drafting the front piece.

Kiki finding the unfinished sleeves a better place to sleep.

After 4 coats of fabric paint I gave up on trying to paint the cherry blossoms and cut them from the light pink fabric.

Close-up of the pinned cherry blossoms.

After they have been sewed on.

Close-up of the sewed cherry blossom. There's two layers of hardening fabric inside the top.

Gold layers added.

The pink lace waiting for the bells.

Drafting the train.

Finished train

Close-up photo.
Tomorrow I can show the images of the added bells.

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