lauantai 30. kesäkuuta 2012

Fitting of Sakura

Here are  the promised pictures of Sakura fitting. Little Haa-chan looked so adorable in it!

In the first one we are testing how to shut the sleeve opening because of a calculation mistake the sleeve opening was smaller than it should have been. We were not able to get the "pouf" into the sleeve because of this. Also the collar needs adjusting. Those sleeves are really heavy and they look like they are pulling the dress off the little Haa-chan!
 The sleeve we left open for the fitting to test how well she could move her hands.
 Back with the unfinished train embroidery. Sorry about the mess on the table.
The back sat so nicely on her.
 And one very happy cosplayer! You can see how differently those two sleeves are sitting on her. Now to hunt for the wig!

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