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Welcome to the Other Blog!

So, after a little thinking, I decided to open another blog. I want the Adventures to be strictly kimono related, so my sewing projects will be featured on this blog. To start with I'll introduce you to the project that I'm working with right now:

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (all 4 costumes) for Animecon 2012 in Kuopio, Finland.
Project goes like this:
1. Sakura
2. Fai
3. Kurogane
4. Syaoran

 Here's a few images of the Sakura's outfit: (it's still not finished)
Here's the bright pink petticoat. (there's actually another petticoat under this one to give it a little fluff.) Because of the upcoming summer and the comforts of the cosplayer, most of this costume will be cotton. This is also because the place they hold the convention is hot. I doubt that they have fixed the ventilation system, last year it only pumped the hot outside air into the already hot inside without cooling it. "Sakura" is having a lot of layers on her, so I want to make sure she won't pass out if the heat is on...

 Close-up of the waistband.

Hem finished.

White overskirt that will be part of the dress.

The top part of the dress. It's very kimono-esque in the picture, but to get the tight fit it seems to be having I took in the fabric. 

Right now I'm slowly putting in the collar. I'm making the sleeves as soon as the cosplayer will be dropping by for a fitting.

Patterns more-or-less used while making this dress:
Petticoat and skirt: Butterick pattern B4954
Top of dress: Hand drafted
Sleeves: Mönster till historiska dräkter; Figurskuren klänning med klockärm by Sophias Ateljes Förlag (I got this little pamflet as a gift years ago from the girl cosplaying Sakura).

Welcome to the sewing blog!

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  1. Nice to see you're still working on this! I was a little worried when there were no updates on this for months (had seen the start of it on IG).
    I really like the outfits - especially Sakuras - and am really happy you can make your cosplays look like in the picture!

    1. We had to put this project on hold for months because it seemed that we could not fit the making into our scedules, but suddenly everyone started to find time and we could put the gears back on!