tiistai 29. toukokuuta 2012

A tip from grandma

Today I went out in a dress I got from my grandma. The dress is about a year older than I am, so it was made in the mid 1980's. The dress is pure polyester, which means that with stockings in my feet, the hem of the dress build up electrisity and stuck to my thighs.
My grandma's polyester dress.

My grandma noticed my problem while we were at the great grandma's (she's my grandma's mom) and told me a remedy I had not heard before. Rub a little balsam onto your stockinged thighs and it will keep it from sticking. Yup, the same balsam you use on hair.

And it works! After a day of walking in the skirt, not once did it get sticky. I have to say I was little sceptic when she told me to rub a little balsam, but I have to admit, it worked wonders!

I still need to make a petticoat to give the hem a little fluffiness and add a belt. The original thin leather belt that came with the dress snapped in two last time I wore this dress.

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